Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not, purchasing a home is a stressful and tedious process. To ease the process, we’ve compiled 5 things we highly recommend you to consider when buying a home.

Many choose to buy as big of a space as their money can afford, but no matter how tempting it is to own a bigger space, it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. In fact, a bigger space means you’re spending more in the long term as well because you’ll be spending more on utilities, more time and effort will be required to keep the space tidy, and you’ll have more empty spaces to fill out. Consider only buying what you truly need.

Any realtor and lender will tell you that spending a bit of time to get pre-approved for a loan prior to your home search is incredibly beneficial. First of all, it lets you better narrow down how much mortgage you can realistically handle. It also allows you to figure out what kinds of loans you’ll be eligible for and what kinds of options for a downpayment you’ll have. Knowing these numbers before you hunt down a home will help you have a better idea of where you should be looking.

Finding a home you love is incredibly important, however, studies show that finding a home in a neighborhood you love is almost more important. More people are willing to sacrifice a few things they’d like in their home if it means they get to live in a neighborhood they love. Make sure to look at the shops and parks available nearby, the vibe of the place, along with the schools and jobs available.

One aspect that may seem random but can greatly affect your time in a home is knowing what direction the home faces. Depending on if you’re house faces the sun, stays rather dim, or is in constant bright light, this will change what your home needs. You may wind up using the AC or heater more depending on the light you receive. In addition, your lawn and landscape will have different care and water needs depending on the lighting as well. Think about if any of these are of importance to you and if you have any preferences.

Another incredible tip is to have an idea of what other offers are currently placed on the house and what potential the house has. This may seem hard to find information, but a knowledgeable realtor will know this information to provide you a better idea when it comes to proposals and counteroffers.

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